3 Benefits of SEO Organic Content

I’m going to start off by saying search engine optimization also known as “SEO” takes time, research, and did I mention patience? You may encounter a marketing company or maybe a freelancer who claims to be an SEO expert. Make sure you research that individual or company and ask for examples of how they’ve helped improve ranking’s and what methods do they utilize. A unethical SEO Consultant can destroy your companies domain and reputation online. You can find out where your business ranks against competitors with a free seo audit.
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As I mentioned before, legitimate organic SEO content requires research and effort. Organic content is essentially content that your business creates and owns. This will require effort on your part but the return on investment will be far greater than you could of ever imagined. Pay-per-click ads will go away once you stop paying for them. Imagine being the first search result on google and not having to pay-per-click. I’ve witnessed specific keywords go for $50 a click with little to no conversion at all. Organic content is unpaid content that will increase your website traffic and help grow your business.

Organic content equals qualified prospects

The search engines will crawl and index all of your organic content making it available for those searching for it. It’s as simple as that and please don’t overthink it. These are the people who are jumping onto google and searching for keywords that hopefully you created content for. They already know what they’re looking for and hopefully you have the content their looking for to capture their attention. I posted a picture below of the search term “become adwords certified” and came across these organic search results. Notice how the keywords I searched are being utilized in their organic content and match exactly what I’m looking for. That keyword is $13 per click on the high end, yikes!

Better credibility and brand building

The more organic content you create the more credibility and trust potential customers will have in your brand. Over 75% of clicks through search results are organic content clicks. Paying for ads isn’t a terrible thing but if your only form of marketing is paid ads, I can guarantee you’re losing potential customers. People want relevant content and trustworthy answers to their problems. Just ranking on the first page of google increases your perceived value to the customer. The most rewarding aspect of organic content is the return on investment and consistent site visitor traffic.

Exposure on the most utilized website in the world

A major benefit in creating organic content is that google is the largest platform for advertising and the most utilized in the world. Think about the exposure your company will receive on a daily basis? Why would you not invest your time and effort into showcasing your services on google. Each day that passes your missing out on an opportunity to bring in more business and grow. SEO is constantly changing so to stay relevant in a highly competitive market you have to constantly create content that captures your target audience. Search engines aren’t going anywhere and content is king in today’s market. If you would like to know where your content stands ranked against competitors then claim a FREE SEO Audit from Rank Activate today, no obligations!

Free SEO Audit - No Obligations

The benefits of an SEO audit for your business

  • Understand your target audience
  • Analytics on business rankings online
  • Detailed report on your business content
  • The truth why your not converting leads
  • Factual information about your online presence

Great company with tremendous customer service. I recommend them to anyone wanting to bring their internet presence to the next level!

Clint DuPlechian