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Frequently Asked Questions

We have no social media presence, is this something you can build and help with?

Yes. We work with companies that have no social media accounts and social profiles with little to no following. Our staff has the experience to help your company make an impact on the social media profiles that matter the most in your industry.

Can you guys manage and run our social media campaigns?

Yes. We have the experience and an excellent track record with ad campaigns across social media platforms. Some campaigns work better on a specific platform based on your services and target audience.

Is it important to have a social media presence?

Depending on what type of services you offer it can be a big difference maker. Not all social media platforms apply to every business. It’s important we grow your company following on the platforms that make the most sense. Every business needs to on social media and contributing fresh content at least twice a week.

Our company has no budget for building a social media presence, how can you help?

We often run into this situation a lot and it’s not a huge problem. Since we’re SEO experts by trade we know how to put content in front of people and grow the traffic organically. A small budget does help when running campaigns but using people to promote the company can make a large impact.

How will a social media presence help grow my site traffic?

Websites such as facebook, twitter, and youtube are some of the most visited sites in the world. Search engines will rank your social media profiles high on local searches which is considered strong authority. This will naturally help grow your companies positions online translating into more conversions and leads.

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Without Rank Activate I don’t think I would have ever got my small business off the ground. He went above and beyond my expectations. Rob easily understood my needs and was able to take my ideas and bring them to reality. Thanks! Richie Z

Owner, Auto N Spec

Top notch web design, uncanny ability to know what you want as a business owner and will go the extra mile, day or night to give you what you want. I live in Japan and was using a local designer with little feedback and success. My site was subpar and my suggestions fell on deaf ears. This is not the case with Rank Activate. Jason Day

Owner, CrossFit Box