Project Lifecycle

The Best Investment Decision You’ll Ever Make

Project Meeting

Research and analysis is performed on your business. Findings, strategy, and your goals are discussed during the kick-off meeting.

Strategy Execution

In this step we’ll start ranking keywords, link build, optimize content, fix on-site issues, and other services included in workflow.

Content Management

Now that we have your current content optimized for search engines we move forward with content creation and management.

Return on Investment

It won’t be long until the investment in our services is returned. The majority of our clients get 10 times their ROI returned.

Solutions that attract customers

Running a few ads and having a website that isn’t tailored around your audience is a waste of money. Let’s say your company invested 10k into a website that’s attractive and designed great. Search engines could care less about popping images, glowing colors, or animated content. They care about content and the keywords your potential customers are looking for. The culmination of our seo, web design, campaigns, and Content Creation services will demand search engines rank your business high!

Long-lasting ongoing results

As our solutions are implemented they become more valuable as each day passes. We go above and beyond to execute the right strategy and solution that your business is facing. SEO never stops changing and hugh budget marketing campaigns are feast or famine. Our services are a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing plans.

Technology and Why Choose Us?

Our services are very different from most SEO companies. We implement a strategy that builds traffic around content your business will own for the long-haul. This approach will keep your business climbing the rankings month after month. Quickly learn more about how SEO can help your company get noticed. Consumers today are content driven, content is always king!

Google Everything

Adwords, anayltics, and gsuite partners.

Wordpress, Drupal

Content management systems for web design and development.

Fresh Content

We provide fresh content for your business and rank it.

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SEO Questions

Do you offer monthly services, one-time projects, or both?

Search Engine Optimization is constantly changing and requires daily maintenance to stay competitive. This is more based on your goals and the type of growth your looking for. We always recommend signing up for a monthly service where we can develop an action plan that turn your goals into a reality. Our one-time projects are mostly for companies looking to rank high for SEO in their local area.

Our company has a website already. How could we benefit from the SEO services?

99 percent of the websites we audit don’t have their content developed around what their audiences is searching for. Good SEO optimization will help bring more traffic to your website organically and save your company a lot of money long-term.

What is search engine optimization and how will it help my business?

SEO is the development of content your target audience is searching for on google, bing, and yahoo. Having good content that ranks high on search engines will increase your site traffic and bring in more leads that are seeking out your services. This will save you from spending a large sum of money on adwords, facebook, yelp, and so on. The best part about organic content is that the traffic doesn’t vanish once you stop paying like it does with paid advertisements.

Our market is saturated, competitive, and expensive to market in. Where can you bring value there?

We bring value to this arena with our vast experience in some of the most competitive industries. In our assessment, we’ll let you know exactly how competitive your services are in your target market. Our best recommendation will be given regardless of the outcome of a consultation.

We have a marketing department and team of website developers. Can you bring value in a situation like this?

Yes. We work with designers and marketing agencies all the time. Rank Activate can provide consultant services or be your one stop shop for all your digital needs.

Web Design Questions

Our company has no website but we do have social media, is that good enough?
No. Social media alone won’t elevate your business by itself and you’ll miss out on a lot of potential customers. We offer affordable website building services and we’ll work with you from nothing to a beautiful website that ranks high on the search engines. You don’t own social media, you own your website and the sky is the limit!
We built our own website and it looks fantastic but we're not getting traffic or showing up in search engines?
This is a common problem across the board so don’t feel alone. Web design itself has little to anything to do with bringing new customers into your business. Nice graphics, widgets, and fancy layouts are important but capturing your audience on search engines equates to conversions and sales. We fix websites that lack seo optimization all the time.
Our company needs a new website, hosting, and business applications. Can you help?

Yes. Web design and hosting play a important role in SEO optimization. Page loading, the technology, encryption, all play a vital part with the search engines. Our team over 10 years of experience in systems administration, network engineering, and technical support. Migrating websites, hosting email, providing business application solutions are things we do on a daily basis.

General Questions

I have no control over my website or content. I want a new website and content created, can you help?
Yes. We’ve had our fair share of rebuilding and migrating websites. Although it’s never best practice to completely start from scratch, at times it can happen if the wrong company handles your content. With us, all of your content is yours and we make it mandatory that domains reside in the hands of the business owners.
We're looking to bring a SEO consultant in-house for a few days out of the month. Is this something Rank Activate offers?

Yes. We understand it’s important for companies to actually see a person in-house performing the work. Our consultants enjoy working with people and get real excited when it’s time to discuss analytics and strategy!

I need to expand my services into a few different cities all over the United States. How can you help?
In SEO they typically call this rank and sell. Every market is different and presents challenges such as saturation, high searches, low searches, and so on. We do have a process for expanding your services anywhere you decide you’d like to grow your business.
Is marketing the same as SEO? Our new marketing intern mentioned he can handle our search engine optimization.
SEO is a form of marketing but the area of expertise and application are different. From our experience working with hundreds of companies, the traditional marketing employee has little to no understanding of how SEO works. This is a very niche business that requires a broad skillset so it’s best to ask for case studies and portfolio work before hiring an agency.

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